It's been a while. I've been busy. 0.1.2 is a very minor update to fix some of the issues (sorry about those) in the previous version.

  • You can now separate sectors, projects, and descriptions in the "start" command using commas, semicolons, or vertical bars:
    • e.g. start A Sector, A Project, A Description
  • The table now lists entries in reverse chronological order. The most recent log is shown first.
  • Fixed some issues. Things should work now, including for High Sierra users.
  • Stat definitions are now listed in the Guide.
  • Minor UI changes.


- Josh


Log-0.1.2-linux-ia32.zip 52 MB
Nov 06, 2017
Log-0.1.2-linux-x64.zip 51 MB
Nov 06, 2017
Log-0.1.2-macos-x64.zip 49 MB
Nov 06, 2017
Log-0.1.2-windows-x64.zip 54 MB
Nov 06, 2017

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