A downloadable tool for macOS and Linux

Important: Please export your data as a backup before you update.

Log is a tool that lets you log and keep track of day-to-day activities and provides analytics like activity peak times to give you insight into how you spend your time.

Log was initially created for the purpose of tracking time spent working on personal projects to see if there are rhythms and patterns to my focus and productivity. I hope this helps you in a similar way and inspires you to make the most of your days.

To start a log:

start "Sector" "Project" "Description of activity"


start "Development" "Log" "Fixing bugs"

To end a log:


The source code is available on GitHub under the MIT License.

This tool is free but you can support me by buying me coffee :)

Install instructions

Remember to export your existing data (if you have any) as a backup before you run the app.


Log-linux-64.zip 49 MB
Version 1.0.5 May 14, 2018
Log-linux-32.zip 51 MB
Version 1.0.5 May 14, 2018
Log-macos.zip 141 MB
Version 1.0.5 May 14, 2018

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