A tiny experiment created with Adam Le Doux's Bitsy game maker. A mere demo.

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Published 83 days ago
AuthorJosh Avanier
Tagslogic, Minimalist, pixel
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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why no updates? :( hope it comes soon. I don't care if it doesn't respect the deadline, this game is awesome!

Hey, sorry. I'm working on it. I'm currently drowning in schoolwork hahaha. I'll update it as soon as my schedule calms down again. :)


neat experiment - it must have taken some work to set up all the rooms! btw, let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions about bitsy :)


I quite love bitsy so far; thank you for creating it! I would love to see more interactivity in the future though. Things like inventory, items that can be picked up or toggled on/off. I mean those things are already possible within bitsy, to some extent, but requires a ton of rooms hahaha


glad you're enjoying it! I'm actually in the middle of working on an items/variables system, hopefully it'll be ready to release in a month or so. for now... you still have to make lots of rooms D:


That's awesome! I'm looking forward to it. I just hope I can find my way out of these labyrinthine rooms I've trapped myself in


you stole my idea :D I wanted to make a game filling some blank spaces in order, but there were too many rooms. great demo!

Hahaha yeah the amount of rooms can become overwhelming. I'd love to see your idea; give it a go! :)
Thanks for dropping by

no. I already work on a more 'story-based' game, but for that idea I will do it as a side project, or wait for the dev of bitsy to make a more efficient room managment, or something like a trigger. good luck at the jam!